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Since 2016, we have turned aspirations into achievements in NEET MDS. Your NEET MDS success is just a few steps away.

DBMCI MDS provides easily accessible, clinically focused content that enhances your NEET MDS preparation. Our adaptable learning methods include live interactive classes, pre-recorded video lectures that can be watched for unlimited times and unlimited hours, high yield question banks, a comprehensive test series, handwritten notes of all 19 subjects, and access to India's top dental and medical faculties for each subject to ensure a significant advantage in your studies.

NEET MDS 2024 Topper of DBMCI MDS

  • Rank 27
    Dr. Shameen
  • Rank 31
    Dr. Prinkle Saxena
  • Rank 32
    Dr. Yuvashri K
  • Rank 77
    Dr. Praneet Kaur
  • Rank 92
    Dr. Sohini Sen
  • Rank 105
    Dr. Manav Modi
  • Rank 116
    Dr. Risana Jasmin
  • Rank 118
    Dr. Mahima
  • Rank 137
    Dr. Shilpa S
  • Rank 157
    Dr. Varshini G
  • Rank 167
    Dr. Tanushka Dutta
  • Rank 174
    Dr. Shubhangi
  • Rank 185
    Dr. Asna K A
  • Rank 186
    Dr. Kritika

Our Esteemed Faculty

The esteemed faculty at DBMCI MDS consists of prominent Dental and medical educators with extensive knowledge and experience, which they impart to their students. The collective diligence of our faculty is reflected in the outstanding results achieved by our students on an annual basis.

Dr. Himani Joshi
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Aishvarya Kaushik
Cons Endodontics & Dental Materials
Dr. Ruchi Raj
Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Dr. Saurabh Bhatia
Dr. Garima Bhambani
Dr. Kunaal Agrawal
Dr. Rajesh Gubba
Dr. Sushant Soni
Pathology & Microbiology
Dr. Pawan Kandhari
General Surgery
Dr. V Abirami
Dr. Pooja Johri
Dr. Anaya Kulkarni
Dr. Divya Gupta
Dr. Priyanka Deshmukh
Oral Medicine & Radiology
Dr. Srishti Jaiswal
Oral Pathology
Dr. Ami Rawal
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